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Health and Safety

As a business organization we understand that it is imperative that a safe work environment is maintained – both on and around all project sites and customer locations. We ensure that all our employees understand and follow the  standard safety norms. Because of our strict adherence to safety regulations, we have reached a good accident prevention record. Our program is led by our Safety Coordinator and Site Safety Representatives accompanied by our fully trained supervisors and field staffs who endeavor to improvise the program through constant monitoring. On a regular basis, our employees are oriented into a comprehensive safety program that includes project safety orientation, hazard analysis, weekly safety meetings and employee safety program.

Here we are testing our technician’s sensitivity
to odors and chemicals. She is also training them to use masks
and be alert for symptoms, signals and sounds that mean danger
Ongoing safety and health presentation with technicians
and employees

S.&T. Group is an organization that puts the safety and health of each of its employees first. We train and indoctrinate our employees and technicians with safe work practices and potential hazards. Presentations and documentaries, real life incidents and hazards, prevention and quick reactions are included in S.&T.’s induction.

On a regular basis, all our employees are updated on the safety regulations and potential work place injuries. Our technicians are provided with hands-on training with different latest safety equipment and crisis management. Our Safety and Health Coordinator – Jim Paterson is always available at job sites to ensure that all the safety procedures are constantly followed. 

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