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Service and Maintenance


S.&T. Group understands the needs and maintenance that comes along with electrical, mechanical, refrigeration, carpentry, heating and cooling systems, technology and general contracting etc. We always keep our customers and clients in our mind while making decisions. Our technical team and staff closely coordinate with your needs and devise the best strategy that would best suit to your plan of service and maintenance.

Here’s why you should consider a Service Agreement:

  • 24 hour unlimited emergency call service
  • Senior Citizens’ priority
  • Troubleshoot your defects early
  • Avoid disasters at home or work spaces
  • Early recognition of failure of equipment and components by patented advanced technology
  • Highly specialized and experienced technical team
  • Friendly and approachable technicians who explain patiently
  • Service calls available all 7 days
  • Save money $$$
  • Guarantee/warrantee on products
  • Increase the efficiency of your equipment
  • Fully stocked and loaded vans with top technology complimented by an extensive production shop and on-hand inventory
  • Door-step service
  • Great deals
  • Customizing every season specific service and maintenance

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