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Algoma's Exclusive Superior Propane Certified Partner
Posted: Apr 07, 2020

Did you know S.&T. Group is Algoma’s preferred certified partner with Superior Propane?

As a certified local partner, we help consumers find the right heating solutions for their home or business, while Superior Propane remains the reliable propane supplier.

This partnership allows teams to focus on what they do best.

Superior Propane has been fueling Canadian homes and businesses since 1951. They provide safe, reliable and trustworthy propane delivery to customers from coast to coast.

At S.&T. Group, we’ve been servicing the Algoma region since 1984. In partnership with Superior Propane, we are able to provide our local and industry expertise on the sale, installation, service and maintenance of your propane powered equipment like furnaces, water heaters, generators and more!

Are you looking to switch off oil or electric to propane? We can help!

With this partnership, consumers like you can get access to discounted fuel rates and reliable local 24/7 emergency service.

Call or email our team today to learn more about the solutions we can offer your home or business!