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Since our inception in 1984, S.&T. Group has enforced a strong priority of maintaining a culture of health and safety by providing good working conditions and proper training and support for workers.

We believe that safety requires an initiative-taking approach, as opposed to reactive. Our change-minded philosophy encourages our team to stay up to date with industry standards, trends, and developments to remain competitive and grow.

Our Health & Safety Policy is split into two parts: company safety and loss prevention.

  1. Our Safety Policy states S.&T. Group’s consistent goal is to obtain a zero-incident rate and continuously strive to be an industry leader in health, safety, environmental and loss prevention.
  2. Our Loss Prevention Policy states the company’s belief that all workplace incidents are preventable and identifies our focus of ensuring the protection of personnel, the environment and company processes and assets when conducting any task.

S.&T. Group is committed to collaborating with our customers to ensure all employees have been provided with the required training and competencies, indoctrination, site orientations and have the time to participate in all required safety meetings.

S.&T. Group has a fully qualified certified workforce and has been trained in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, IHSA, EUSR, and has working knowledge and competence with the Utility Work Protection Code.

As seen in the policies, S.&T. Group is committed to providing a safe work environment. Health and Safety is a shared responsibility from all levels of management and workers.

Compliance with Customer Standards

Safety Accomplishments

S.&T. Group is proud of our accomplishments, however, we are mindful that safety is a continuous deliberate act of improvement.

Employee Safety Culture

S.&T. is committed to establishing and maintaining a safety culture that allows every worker to feel involved in THEIR safety program.


Risk Management

Employee Engagement & Training